Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The McCann Legacy: Ty Woodward (Co-Founder

Ty Woodward, Legacy Co-Founder
Ty Woodward is the co-founder of the McCann Legacy Challenge (Sims 4). He is Creative, Self-Assured, and Ambitious. 

His Aspiration is to be a Freelance Botanist. He will be applying this aspiration to his career in Science.

Kendra and Ty felt that it would be best if one of them was bringing in some extra income while they built up the garden so that they could have some of the important things that help to keep a family going (such as beds, and toilets). For that reason, he will be taking the Watcher to work with him every other day to assist with promotions, and otherwise will attend on his own so that the Watcher can keep Kendra working on her garden.

Name: Ty Woodward
Species: Alien
Traits: Creative, Self-Assured, Ambitious
Aspiration: Freelance Botonist
Spouse: Kendra McCann


Maybe he has something to hide?

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