Thursday, April 23, 2015

The McCann Legacy Chapter Two: Finding "The One"

The next day, Tim came over and told Kendra that he thought it was better if they were only friends. They simply didn't have enough chemistry together, it would seem.

Kendra: Is it something I did?

Tim: No. It's not you. We just have different goals.

Kendra: Oh. Okay.

Kendra headed down to the library again to see if she could hone her gardening skill while she waited for her plants to need tending. 

Kendra: Its just so slow!

Watcher: Be patient. It will come when it's ready and you'll have more to do than you can handle.

Since she didn't run into any of her young men at the library, Kendra decided to head down to the gym and see if she could meet anybody there. She found Cyrus and Ty working out on the treatmills, and decided to see if they'd talk to her.

Kendra: I like Cyrus. 

Watcher: His muscle is disturbing.

Kendra: But I like him.

Watcher: Then flirt with him!

Kendra flirted with Cyrus first. He accepted, but something about him made Kendra uncomfortable.

Kendra: I think I changed my mind. He looks like an overgrown child.

Watcher: Yes, I agree. Try Ty.

Next, she tried Ty.

Watcher: What do you think, Kendra?

Kendra: I don't like the mutton chops.

Watcher: Those can be shaved. 

Kendra: He's nice.

Watcher: Good, then take him home.

The chemistry between Ty and Kendra was the best she'd had, especially after she found out he was an alien. She invited him to move in with her. 

Kendra: What was that?!

Ty: I read your thoughts.

Kendra: Don't do that again!

After a makeover (in which Ty shaved, re-styled his hair, and changed those weird shorts), the pair take a date on the home lot.

The date went fairly well right from the start, with both sims interacting well with one another. Kendra quickly fell in love, with Ty coming in shortly behind her. 

Kendra complimented Ty, and he took it well. She liked that he was an alien, and told him so!

Kendra: I love that you're a Freelance Botanist too!

Ty: And I love that you're a Freelance Botanist too!

She told Ty unbelievable stories (which he loved).

Kendra: The fish was this big.

Ty: It will make such good fertilizer for our plants!

Sitting by the river, Kendra made her move that night.

They looked deeply into one another's eyes, and it was finished for the two of them. Their love was real! Ty asked Kendra to be his girlfriend shortly after, and they finished with a Silver Medal Date.

Kendra: Ty, I think I love you.

Ty: And I love your plants, Kendra.

After their date, Kendra made up some garden salad so that they'd have enough to eat for several days hence. They'd need it, since they would both be gardening a lot.

Kendra: At least the garden will supply our salads!

Watcher: You'll be selling your produce.

Kendra: What?!

Watcher: You have to make money to build your house somehow!

They finished their first evening as a couple by sitting on the bed to eat some supper and drink some juice. Tomorrow, the pair will work on their gardening skills, and Ty plans on getting a job at the Science Center.

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