Thursday, April 23, 2015

The McCann Legacy Chapter One: Boys, Boys, Boys!

Kendra McCann arrived in Willow Creek the way that many others before her have done: With a minuscule budget and a large, empty lot. It's not the best start to a new life, but it's the one she's got.

Kendra: What do you mean, it's not the best start to a life? Look at all that green area! I can spread my garden out across it!

Watcher: Mayhaps, Kendra, but you're going to need a house, too. Preferably before the babies come!

Kendra: Oh. I hadn't thought of that.

As you can see, Kendra is inclined to thinking on the bright side, which is a good thing for her strong positive emotions, but may make her just a tad silly at times.

Several tasks must be completed in short order, so Kendra headed down to the library to work on the first few of these tasks. The most important was for Kendra to meet herself a man who would carry on the next generation.

Kendra chose to go to the library because she could start reading up on gardening before she started to set up her own at home.

Kendra: Or maybe it's because I like the flowers that grow behind the library.

Watcher: Well the more time you spend here, the more they'll grow! So get in there and meet a man!

Kendra: I'm more worried about the flowers than the men.

When she arrived at the library, none of the men in the place were eligible for her legacy, and so Kendra set about reading a book on gardening (much to her dismay).

Kendra: I'd rather learn by doing it, you know!

Watcher: I'm sure you would, but there's nothing for you to harvest or plant yet, and you don't have the extra money to buy seed packets. Hush up and advance your gardening level.

Kendra: But this is slow!

Watcher: Yes it is. So go meet a man! I think I see one over there!

The first man to strike the Watcher's eye is this gentleman. The wicked mutton chops aside, he was a good-looking man with a normal nose, and that made him eligible. 

Kendra: His shorts are weird.

Watcher: Yes, it is a rather strange combination of clothing.

Kendra rushed out to meet him behind the museum. It was a long job, but he waited for her to come and greet him. 

The man (whose name turned out to by Ty) rushed off right away, and Kendra had to chase him to the other side of the neighborhood (near the library) in order to pin him down and talk to him some more. She discovered that he is unemployed, single, and that he has three traits (one of which is self-assured). Before she was finished talking to him, he rushed off again.

Kendra: I don't think he likes me very much.

Watcher: We'll see about that. Look, there are some other men. Go meet them!

Kendra headed back inside, where she met Joel (who was playing chess with Liberty). She greeted  him but quickly found out that he was married, and so she would have to look to other pastures.

Kendra: Does it matter that he's married?

Watcher: Yes.

Kendra: Why?

Watcher: Because it takes about three times as long to court a married sim as it does one who is single, and so I'd rather you choose someone who's available instead of forcing someone to break up a good marriage.

Kendra: Fair enough!

Watcher: Moving on, then!

The next man she met was Cyrus, who, though not an especially attractive sim (he had very bulky muscles) seemed to be an eligible bachelor. 

Unfortunately, he also decided to leave right after Kendra introduced herself to him.

Kendra: Is it something I said?

Watcher: No, I don't think so. I think it might be a game glitch.

Kendra: A what?

Watcher: Never mind.

When Cyrus also decided to leave, Kendra decided to spend a few moments browsing the web, sure that another boy would soon show up for her to talk to. After all, she'd found plenty of young adult males so far, and there were sure to be more.

Kendra: I can't hang out at the library all day long!

Watcher: Sure you can. Suck it up, we have to find you a husband.

Kendra: But why?

Watcher: This is a legacy, remember?

Kendra: Yeah, yeah.

Not wanting to be cooped up indoors, Kendra headed outside to eat something. Without a fridge or stove at home, the food that had been left out on the table would keep her belly full, hopefully until she could afford to purchase the necessary items.

Kendra: Or grow them.

Watcher: Or grow them.

Then Tim walked behind Kendra.

Watcher: Quick Kendra! Quick! That one looks like Johnny Depp!

Kendra: Who?

Watcher: He's a human actor, and he's hot. Go! Quick! I bet he's an alien!

Kendra: A what?

Watcher: Just go meet him!

He was a handsome man, if a little bit silly. Kendra liked him.

Kendra: I think he's the one!

Watcher: He looks like Johnny Depp!

Kendra: Do you always compare male sims to human celebrities?

She flirted with him, and then asked him on a date.

Kendra: Let's go back to my place to chat.

Tim: I'd like that.

The pair headed back to Kendra's lot to enjoy some flirting with one another.

Kendra: You do resemble an attractive human celebrity.

Tim: Hmmm. Who?

Kendra: Jackie Deep.

Watcher: Pssst! That's Johnny Depp!

Kendra: Whatever.

A moment later, Kendra embarrassed herself when she attempted to ask a risque question. Tim left not long after.

Kendra: Was it something I said?

Watcher: You might have pushed just a little too far.

The date was a failure.

It was late, and so Kendra decided to put her seeds in the ground before heading off to bed.

Kendra: Why am I only planting Snapdragons?

Watcher: Because we're going to graft them to strawberries.

Kendra: Why?

Watcher: You'll see.

Kendra fell into bed exhausted that night. What would tomorrow bring?

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