Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The McCann Legacy: Generation One

Kendra and Ty on their first date!
Hi guys! I can be a bit of a talker, so I wanted to take some time to introduce you to the first generation of my Sims 4 Legacy Challenge (the McCann Legacy). 

The Get to Work expansion has added some interesting components to the game. One of these components is the ability for a sim to meet an alien in disguise. They are quite easy to detect due to what I believe is a game glitch. If you don't know about this (and hopefully it isn't just my game that's doing it!) you may be able to exploit it to find undiscovered aliens in your game.

After installing GTW, my townies only have two traits for each individual townie. For Legacy purposes, I have been assigning an additional trait at random (and adding it by cheating -- oops). Aliens, on the other hand, appear to have all three traits available (as long as I find them out before moving the sim into the home).

I didn't choose Ty because he was an alien. You will hopefully discover the reasons why I chose him as I write through the legacy. He turns out to be relatively attractive alien underneath his disguise (dark blue skin and alien ears), and I don't know yet how the children will turn out.

Both sims are Freelance Botanists. It will be interesting to see whether or not I can manage to get them both to complete this aspiration, as it will require a relatively large garden to get the evolution requirement to work for me. 

I'll post an introduction to the legacy some time tomorrow. For now, enjoy Generation One of my Sims 4 Legacy Challenge!

Kendra McCann

Ty Woodward

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